Accumulating Wealth

Accumulating wealth may seem daunting for many individuals, but it can be achieved with the correct habits1 (Kenny Accent Investing Nov. ’23)

Here are the steps to build wealth:

Monitor finances

  • keeping tabs on your finances provides a clear understanding of how you allocate every dollar
  • It enables you to gain clarity
  • tracking is essential if you aim to build wealth and attain financial freedom

Invest for retirement

Joint Ownership. Be careful!

Placing non-registered assets into joint ownership with right of survivorship is one of the most common methods of avoiding probate. It can be effective in the right situation. Yet, there are some significant disadvantages with joint ownership that may outweigh the benefits. 1 (Manulife Investment Management Sep.’23)

Disadvantages of joint ownership

Before transferring any assets into joint ownership, there are a few important issues you should consider:

Staying Connected in Retirement

Adding social planning to your financial planning can make a big difference to your health during your retirement. 1 (Lumino Health Jan. ’23)

Retirement is a big life transition. When people leave work, some people let go of a big part of their identity. But preparing for the change can help you thrive. But we often overlook the importance of our social lives as we leave the working life.

Evidence on social connection in retirement


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